Why Should You Care What Comes Up When Someone Google’s You?

Why Should You Care What Comes Up When Someone Google’s You?

Who will Google you?

  • Potential new employer
  • New / current co-workers
  • Potential boyfriend/girlfriend
  • People you currently do business with
  • Potential clients
  • Your kids
  • Your parents
  • People who know your name, but not your contact info.

Heck, according to this chart below, you probably already Googled yourself.

I had a local shop owner look me up because he wrote down my number incorrectly for an order I had placed with him earlier that day. He Googled me. He then said, “You’re all over the place on the net. I read up on what you do and would like to discuss how you can help my business”.

When people search your name they are looking to see not only how you portray yourself to the rest of the world, but what other people are saying about you. This helps build instant credibility and trust.

What to be careful of:

Here is where common sense comes into play. If you wouldn’t want your mother, wife, kid or employer to find out about what your sharing don’t post it!  If you plan on posting material employers or others may find disturbing then be sure your privacy setting are set-up so no one can see your activity. People have been fired for posting things that violates their companies policy. If for some reason you need to use a social media profile for work – create a new one and keep it separate from your personal one.

How to prevent bad or untruthful information from surfacing on the net?

  1. Create social profiles and fill them with positive information. List your bio, your hobbies and your resume.
  2. Crate a website and purchase a domain that contains your full name. Link all of your social profiles to it.
  3. Create a Google Plus Profile and share content
  4. Write for other websites

Tip: If you want to avoid people finding out your cell or home number out then create profile and share your Google Voice number. This is the best way to control and stop callers from harassing you or finding out too much about you.

Assume anything you place on the net will be there forever! In some cases content you’ve shared will be on site’s you can’t control and then you’ll have a bigger problem, so be smart and start building a positive Google image.