Why Paid Search Doesn’t Work For You

Why Paid Search Doesn’t Work For You

no-salePaid search can be a tough beast to tame. Especially, when you are first starting out – as you will spend money just to discover not only what works for you, but also what doesn’t. It can be a stressful and expensive process. What do you do if you have a product or service that no matter what you do, you can’t make a profit on paid search?

Have you gone through all the usual suspects?

  • Added negative terms
  • Day parting
  • Segmentation
  • Testing calls to action
  • Ad testing
  • Landing page testing
  • Tested different search platforms

After all of this you still can’t sell? You know people would love your product/service but no matter what you do you can’t make a sale or a sale that keeps you in the black?

Sure you could do re-marketing but if the user is in the same mind set or situation, like work. They still may not have the time. Or, they may be on another device and therefore won’t see re-marketing ads.

Is your product or service just not one that people will buy at first glance? Some purchases require due diligence and a visitor may not be able to make a decision at that particular moment.

Or,  maybe your landing page has a lengthy video that is 2 minutes or more in length? Users may not have the time to sit through it to understand what you can do for them. This will cause them to abandon your site and maybe search for you when they do have time. However, it may be through paid search again at another computer and that will cost you. Or worse yet, they go to your competitor.

It may be time to change your business model. Instead of trying to close a sale on the first visit, you should start capturing the visitors information.

A short form asking for just an email and name should be easy enough to get from a visitor if they are interested in your product/service. Visitors are use to giving up and email address to access information. Send that PDF or lengthy video to their email. Building trust with the visitor isn’t a bad things. Plus, it gives you a way to reach out to them and test different price points. Maybe, your costs was to high? Heck, maybe it’s too low – at least with email you have a list and you may be able to get them at a fraction of  the cost. Once you have an email you can trying anything you want, except spam of course.

You can still keep the “buy now” call to action for those ready to buy. No need to lose the “easy” sale.

You have to study all the ways a user  interact with your product and the times of days that they do. If you make most of your sales after business hours but most of your traffic comes in during the day emailing users after hours to complete the sale would be the way to go.