Why A Mobile Friendly Website Is A Must

Why A Mobile Friendly Website Is A Must

These days, whether or not your website is responsive is one of the main factors in your business’s online success. If you have noticed that your traffic has fallen off in recent months, it may actually be because your website is not friendly to mobile traffic. Below are five reasons why you need to get a mobile friendly website as soon as possible:

  1. The Adoption Rate for Mobile Devices

Pew Research Center (PRC) states that 68 percent of Americans own a smartphone which is an increase from 2011 when only 35 percent were smartphone owners. In addition, four out of five use it to shop. Another important fact is that 45 percent of Americans also own a tablet computer, according to PRC. The reality is that mobile devices are being adopted at a rapid rate and used to browse websites and for shopping. If you want to have success in online retail, it is essential that your website be ready for this traffic.

  1. Google Wants You to Do It

As of April 21st 2015, Google began using mobile-friendliness as a factor for ranking websites in its search results. This means that your website’s responsiveness will play a major role in how much traffic you get from Google searches. The idea behind prioritizing mobile friendliness is to ensure that Google’s users on mobile devices are able to find results that will work with their devices.

  1. First Impressions Matter

Users are very picky, especially when they are shopping. Research shows that you get a seven-second window to get the attention of users before they move on to another option. This means that your website has to load quickly on their phone or tablet. If your website does not deliver a good first impression, you may have lost that customer for good.

  1. Mobile Devices Are Convenient

Consumers on the go often use smartphones. These users need information as quickly as possible, which means that a website must be properly formatted and easy to read on their screen. However, a mobile-friendly website is about more than just having a website that displays correctly; it also involves knowing what else those on-the-go customers need.

Along with being able to read information, customers also need the ability to make purchases quickly or complete simple actions like getting directions or making reservations. The reality is that many people want to be able to learn about your business before they talk to a live person.

  1. Mobile Websites Are Compatible With All Platforms

The traditional alternative to having a mobile friendly website is to develop an app. Apps can enable customers to perform many of the actions that they would perform on a website. Aside from the fact that developing an app can be a costly endeavor, the reality is that an app will have to compete with thousands of other apps for attention in the marketplace. The fact that you would have to make different apps for the different platforms also adds to the cost.

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