Calls To Action – How Many Is Too Many?

Calls To Action – How Many Is Too Many?

Grab a pen a paper and quickly jot down what calls to action are on your site right now. It may look similar to this one:

  • Follow on social media
  • Subscribe RSS feed
  • Subscribe newsletter / email list
  • Share blog post
  • Make a purchase
  • Download latest white paper

I could go on, but this a good starting point. Now take your list and prioritize it based on your business goals. Your main goal may not be sales but to grow your mailing list. This option is  for companies who know they need to build trust and/or will take multiple interactions with a visitor to make a sale – in that case your list may look like:

  1. Subscribe newsletter / email list
  2. Download latest white paper
  3. Follow on social media
  4. Share blog post
  5. Subscribe RSS
  6. Make a purchase

Now that you have your goals prioritized we need to make the most important one the prominent call to action. This should be accessible from every page both corporate site and blog.

The CTA should stand out and prompt people to take action.

After the user has taken the initial action you can now present them with another action. Example: a visitor comes to your site and joins your newsletter the email confirming their subscription can suggest:

  • Follow you on social media
  • Read the latest post from your blog
  • Check out your latest YouTube video

You can even do this on the thank you page after a visitors provide you with their email. Since these actions are not as important as the first one its okay of they don’t take action right away.

Touch points

Another example would be; a visitor joins your RSS feed, in your feed you have a message asking them to join your newsletter so they don’t miss a post. Once they join your newsletter you can ask them to follow you on social media. Social can then drive them to your latest white paper.

The goal here is to slowly and carefully show the visitor actions you want them to take in the order of importance to you. Once your main goal is accomplished then the rest is icing on the cake.

You can always swap out your main CTA to test or to have balance across your goals.