3 Quick Wins To Improve Your Adwords Campaigns

3 Quick Wins To Improve Your Adwords Campaigns

Adwords Quick Wins

Here are what I call “quick wins” for adwords adwords. If you have some of your own quick wins feel free to comment below.

  1. Look for opportunities in your re-marketing campaigns. If you notice that users are coming back and converting on certain sites it may be a worth testing ads on those sites. This could be a potential diamond in the rough when it comes to cutting costs in paid search.
  2. Think outside of the box. If you see that you convert well on your competitor’s brand, maybe it’s time to target users who get their emails. Setting up a gmail targeting campaign will drive in clicks for less and will build brand awareness.
  3. Improve your quality score. I don’t hear about this as much as I would like to from experts and do-it-yourselfer’s. As the below chart (you can learn more about quality scores here  ) shows – the higher your quality score the bigger your discount. However, the lower your quality scores the more you will pay.

Quality Score

It’s important to try and improve your QS in order to drive in leads/sales at a lower CPA.

Bonus: Paid search is almost always overlooked as a source of over spending. Especially if you are bidding on terms that cost $50 or more. A small handful of unrelated terms can cost you a lot of  money. Even if your keywords are under $50, hundreds of irrelevant clicks will still be costly. Monitoring your search query report is important in keeping your paid search campaign.