Benefits of My White Label PPC Services

Are you a design agency or a small digital firm needing PPC support from a white label contractor? You’ve come to the right place. I don’t offer “typical” PPC services. If you’re looking for PPC management beyond just management – read on.

If you are looking to provide  high quality PPC management to clients who are demanding, need their expectations managed and someone who can speak to clients with confidence and experience then I am your man!

When you work with a white label agency in many cases they automate the work and are not available to speak with clients. This can be problematic if your agency doesn’t have the expertise to speak to clients and answer their questions. You then wind up becoming a go-between your client and the agency. When working with me clients can contact me directly freeing up more of your time.

White label PPC management

What’s included in my service?

  • Monthly call with you or your client
  • Monthly report and written review
  • White label reporting if needed
  • Work under your brand seemlessly

Why use me as your white label PPC provider?

As an expert with more than 16 years of experience I would be your paid search in-house expert. Someone that you can add to your team as a real person. This would bring value to your company allowing you to charge more for these services.

Why use me as your PPC freelancer?

I am more than a white label PPC service provider. I would be your paid search freelancer. Someone that you can add to your team as a real person. That alone would bring value to your company allowing you to charge more for these services.

I’ve worked for agencies, ran my own agency (which I sold), and trained other agencies and marketers on how to manage PPC campaigns.

  • I am available to jump on calls with your clients.
  • I work long hours and weekends – Agencies do not.
  • If you set me up with a company email I can communicate directly with your clients.
  • I can create custom reporting with your company logo.
  • I do all the work myself. I never outsource to anyone overseas.

Unlike other providers, I actually do the work. My experience will be working for you and your clients. I never use software to automate my work and I make decisions that only a season professional can make.

I can also conduct high-level audits to help you land new client work (at a small fee) and point out issues, conflicts, and areas of improvement. I’ll include my costs to manage the account so that you can mark up my fees as you see fit. I can jump on a call with your client to review the issues and recommendations to help you close the deal. So, perform you decide to hire an overseas company as your white label PPC management company schedule a call with me.

What’s the cost?

It all depends on the size of the accounts. The quality of work, attention to detail, and the results you and your clients receive will help you retain clients for a longer period of time. Paying too little for PPC management means the experience isn’t there and in many cases accounts wind up being ignored and neglected. This costs clients money and it impacts your brand’s reputation.

My white label PPC services are unique and no one else can offer what I can. If you’re looking for more than just automated and outsourced service contact me. If you are curious about my work, check out these case studies.

Companies I’ve Helped