Why Customers
Love Me!

Considering working with me? Here are some of of what clients had to say about working with me.

Alan Lee,

Owner Of JustYardSigns.com
“We are happy!!! Since Joe took our campaigns over. We have had PPC agencies in past 10 years mostly from India all were good when they started then...they threw everything in Enhanced PPC. We will work together with Joe for a long time. ”
Jai Bhatt  photo

Jai Bhatt

"Joe is excellent at What he does. He helped clean up our AdWords accounts and did so efficiently and precisely."
LaCosta Lolly  photo

LaCosta Lolly

Senior Partner And Co-Founder GrowthSmart
“Joe is an incredible professional who has made himself available to handle anything that has come up. He has done a great job with our account and we will continue to use him in the future.”
Frank Frenzel photo

Frank Frenzel

“Joe performed an SEO analysis of our site, providing concrete recommendations to help improve the index-ability of our site. Joe's Turnaround on the analysis & report exceed our expectations, and his recommendations were easily understandable by developers. With in a few days of his kicking off the engagement we were working on steps to improve our search performance and were quickly in production with solutions that worked.”
Megan Piluk, photo

Megan Piluk,

Senior Marketing And External Relations Manager CityDance
“CityDance is so grateful that we found Joe to improve our digital presence! We had gone through a lot of SEO consultants before and were seeing no results. Once Joe started consulting us on SEO we saw a dramatic increase in the amount of clicks we were getting to our website and the amount of pages being indexed by google. He wrote optimized meta data that contained target keywords which improved clickthrough rates. He also helped us to optimize our web pages. I would highly recommend working with Joe to increase your digital presence”
 Chad Pavel, photo

Chad Pavel,

“Joe is a great SEO mind. His thorough website analysis and plan of action helped me win an engagement, so it immediately paid off. Will be engaging Joe again for more SEO work and analysis.”
Kari Cowan -  photo

Kari Cowan -

Web Developer - ALM
“I've been working with Joe on ALM projects for a few years, and have to say he's got one of those innovative approaches that one can't help but envy. He's always on the look-out for the best and brightest approaches, and has saved me heaps of time since he tends to think things out and knows what will work best.”
Motionsoft - photo

Motionsoft -

Founder And Chairman
“Joe went above and beyond our expectations with regard to the work he performed for us. He ended up doing work for us on his own dime and time, a trait you dont see in the consulting world.”
Marc Harris photo

Marc Harris

“I run a website, Sportsdepot.com, that lost it's visibility due to being"punished" by Google for unknowingly not complying with some of their updates. We employed numerous companies who could not solve this issue for us. Joe was recommended to us and for a very reasonable fee and in record time he had the "punishment" removed. As a result our visibility has been steadily improving.”
Sean Driscoll photo

Sean Driscoll

President At LeadCircle
“Great Search Engine work requires both a firm grasp of the strategic direction and complete and deep understanding of the technical functions. This is critical particularly when the search engines are really focussed totally on their revenue not your results. Joe does a great job of first understanding your strategy (and commenting on that) then helping figure out ways to make the technical side work better. He gets' the end game: improved business results better than anyone I've seen in a long time."
Lenny Izzo, photo

Lenny Izzo,

Chief Client Officer Watermark
“Joe is a solid team member whose unparalleled understanding of digital media brought great success to a company that did not have a solid digital marketing base. With a keen eye toward innovation, insights and process, Joe is driven to stay on top of of industry activity and trends. He’s brought relevant insights and opportunities for upcoming applications/technologies for brand strategy and has committed to train team members in SEO/SEM, PPC and social media which has made him a valuable member of the team.”
Executive Director, photo

Executive Director,

The IEEE Global
“Joe is James Brown of the SEO world - the hardest working man I know to help clients understand and analyze the data that will help them get noticed on Google and Bing. He breaks down complex SEO terminology easily to translate "geek speak" into actionable business objectives. He's a great guy to work with, and delivers solid results.”
Sally Rosenfield, photo

Sally Rosenfield,

Senior Vice President At Cure Alzheimer's Fund
"Joe Balestrino guidance has really helped increase traffic and donations to Cure Alzheimer's and we are very grateful."
Alexandra Richardson photo

Alexandra Richardson

CEO Modern Storage
“Joe did Wonderful job on our PPC! Would use again. Thanks Joe!!”
Gregory Pellitteri, photo

Gregory Pellitteri,

CEO & FOUNDER Bundlefi.Com
“Joe preformed amazingly and will continue to work with him as we grow.”
Rory Siems photo

Rory Siems

Solutions Architect At Perficient
“I first hired Joe to provide a solution for my website to attain search rankings in the very competitive space of online Real Estate Agents. Joe provided tremendous value to my growing business and has remained a trusted advisor since I first contacted him. Joe has provided me with the following services: Website Template with an SEO friendly design that cleared the path for search engines to begin to recognize my site. Custom search optimized pages within my site that helped the search engines understand the true subject matter of my site, and began to provide me with favorable results. Countless hours of support and expertise in the ongoing maintenance in preserving my current search results. Proven techniques that directly increased my website traffic. My site now ranks on the first page of results with at least 3 search engines, including Google. My most important keyword search phrase will yield several pages of my site on Google's first page of results. This is very important because it achieved a result that completely eclipsed my competitors. More than 50% of all of my website traffic comes from search engines, and is a direct result of working with Joe. I have recommended Joe to countless colleagues. Joe is one of the best kept secrets of my business.”