Looking for help with your Shopify store’s SEO? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. As your Shopify SEO expert, I will use my 16+ years of experience to elevate your site’s organic presence.  I’ve worked on many Shopify stores and improved not just their organic traffic, but conversion rates and overall traffic as a whole.


I understand how to use the Shopify platform and it’s limitations to improve overall rankings. As an e-commerce expert, I’ve seen many similar issues that can easily be corrected. I’ll start with an audit and analysis to identify your site’s weaknesses and strengths.



What’s Most Important When It Comes To Ranking A Shopify E-commerce Site?

The below items apply to all e-commerce sites. If you work with me I’ll identify these issues and fix them. I also explain why these items and others can hurt your site’s SEO.

  • Site Structure – If you don’t have a good site structure Google won’t rank your content as high. Why? Important pages are easily accessible. This means collections should be built out in a way that makes sense to users and to google.
  • Keywords – you want to be sure to group categories and collection pages in a way that replicates what people are searching for. If you don’t research the right keywords, you won’t drive relevant traffic.
  • Meta Data – Title tags and description tags are still very important. As the first tags Google’s reads – it’ s important to get these right.
  • Product Image Optimization – Image optimization is important. It’s not just for image search. It helps support your on-page SEO.
  • Product Descriptions – Duplicate content or lack of content is a huge problem for Shopify sites. You want your product descriptions to not only be unique but optimized to drive traffic down to the product level
  • URL Structure – Shopify does a good job of creating SEO friendly URLs, but it’s not an SEO expert. I’ll help create a URL structure that will support your on-page SEO efforts.
  • Links – Content is important, but without incoming links, your site won’t rank as well. I can help drive quality links to increase your site’s domain authority.

Don’t fall for plugins that claim to optimize your store. The only way to drive relevant organic traffic to your store is to optimize the category and product pages.

I’m not only a Shopify SEO expert. I am also a certified Google Ads Partner. I can help you set up paid search ads, retargeting as well as shopping campaigns for your store. Click here to schedule a free consultation today! I look forward to hearing about your business goals.

You can check out the recently optimized store, The Lavish Minimalist here.