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It can be hard to determine who’s a real expert. SEO is much more than just keywords and rankings. If the person you hire isn’t well versed in how search engines work, you could be wasting your money. I’ve complied a handful of  my case studies on SEO for you to review.

SEO isn’t just keywords and links. Hopefully, these case studies will show you just how SEO can be improved out side of those two metrics.

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RetailWireRetailWire was concerned with the lack of their news stories appearing in Google news. As a news organization that has had their stories published in Google for many years – they didn’t know why only certain stories were showing and others were not.

I reviewed their content and search console. I noticed that there wasn’t a sitemap for just news stories. I installed a plugin to create a Google news sitemap and configured it pull in only qualified news stories.

Also, they switched from a non url structure a secure one which was not updated in Google publisher. I reached out to the team and Google and explained the situation.

Google News Case Study

Google updated the url on their end. I then uploaded the Google news sitemap to search console and almost instantly their news articles for the day was live within Google news.

After submitting the sitemap I   emailed the client to verify that they were seeing the articles in Google news. The client stated…

Awesome! I checked a couple of times earlier. I guess it took an hour or so. That’s terrific.

Thanks. This is a great relief.


This happen to be a relatively easy fix, but in many cases it can take a bit longer to identify potential issues.

Health Cost
HealthCost  had only a few of their pages indexed in Google. No matter what they tried, they couldn’t get any more pages indexed. At the time of the contract HealthCost had only 5 pages indexed which was a huge concern for the client who was pushing out thousands of pages.

I conducted an audit and found that the issue was technical and also involved how the site architecture was structured. Once the recommendations were made, pages were getting indexed at a fast pace.

You can see that search console was only showing 7 impressions prior to my working with them. In less than a month the site had nearly 1,500 impressions in Google.

They went from a handful of pages index to over 10,000! According to the client they saw a 500% increase in organic traffic.



“Joe performed an SEO analysis of our site, providing concrete recommendations to help improve the index-ability of our site. Joe’s Turnaround on the analysis & report exceed our expectations, and his recommendations were easily understandable by developers. With in a few days of his kicking off the engagement we were working on steps to improve our search performance and were quickly in production with solutions that worked.”

Google News Case Study – The Epoch Times
The Epoch Times had long standing issues with its site’s ability to rank in Google news. I conducted an extensive audit and uncovered a huge amount of issues on both on the technical and editorial side. I worked with the internal web team to come up solutions for technical issues and to implement test and solutions.
I provided reporting and created materials and training for the editorial staff.  Once issues were discovered and addressed the number of pages indexed started to climb significantly .
The above chart is data around the number of pages crawled from search console. The graph below is traffic just from Google news. I was able to improve Google news traffic before the number of pages crawled by Google increased. Google just wasn’t including those pages into the news because of technical issues.
Castle Connolly
CastleConnolly wanted to improve their organic rankings for TopDoctor+Location as well as individual doctors names. I started this project in July. I conducted an audit and determined that the site had a high domain authority and didn’t suffer from a penalty.

My audit reveled that the site could benefit from additional on page optimization as well as some navigational improvements. I updated the title tags, added “Top Cities” to the main navigation, added breadcrumbs and tweaked other on-page factors.

Changes were made in stages. The first stage was the on page optimization which took the site from 31,000 visits to approximately 50,000. The second phrase was the breadcrumbs and navigation elements. This took organic traffic to 68,000.

The end result was an increase organic traffic growth by over 64%. Traffic went from 31,000 to 68,000 in a six months. This was done without any additional content and just on page optimization.

Frekhtman & Associates
A New York based attorney wasn’t happy with his current SEO company and wanted to work with an expert. I evaluated the clients site and found that many of the pages were lacking content and basic on page elements.

I worked quickly to show this client results and made on site changes to tags, content and site structure. With in less than a month I had substantial results to show the client. The improvement of these rankings drove in more quality leads. The site already had strong link profile and so making the correct site changes had an immediate impact.

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