Google search results can make or break your brand. Meaning that, with one negative review, your business can experience major harm. For instance, you might typically find that your business suffers a 25% drop in sales as a result of one negative Google search result, particularly if that result is on the first page. Why does this happen? When customers

Google your business, they might immediately dismiss your services out of hand as a result of information that may not even be accurate or truthful.

This is a major problem and is only compounded as the negative search results increase. Our job is to reverse this problem and help save the reputation of your business or personal brand.


How my reputation repair works

We don’t use any one tactic–rather, using a diverse combination of strategies allows us to do a complete overhaul of the search results to leave your reputation absolutely sparkling clean. Whichever methods we do use depends on your brand’s needs, which we analyze before beginning.

The list of strategies we use is very long–we’re incredibly thorough because our number one priority is customer satisfaction. However, here are some of the top strategies we use for our reputation repair services:

  • Fixing negative Yelp reviews
  • Fixing negative Google reviews
  • Eradicating negative content from the web altogether
  • Eradicating negative content from Google, if we can’t get it removed from the web page itself
  • Getting negative content pushed further back in the search results if we can’t get it removed from Google search results
  • Counterbalancing negative content with plenty of positive content representing your brand

Is reputation repair really effective?

Our past clients can tell you that our reputation repair services have a very high rate of success. And here’s the thing: not everyone’s reputation can be fixed. Sometimes, our techniques just won’t work. This may seem concerning, but there’s a flipside. In cases where we’ve assessed the situation and have determined that we won’t be able to help you, we won’t waste your time or money: we’ll tell you outright that you’ll need to pursue alternative strategies.

We’re committed to providing only the highest quality services in the reputation repair market. So if we have decided to accept you as a client, you can rest assured that we’ve assessed your situation thoroughly and have a strong sense of certainty that we’ll be able to transform your reputation for the better.

Is reputation repair expensive?

Frankly, it really depends on the situation. We’d like to give you a specific estimate, but we can’t do that until you’ve consulted with us and we’ve had the opportunity to see what it will take to provide your brand with the reputation transformation and/or optimization it needs. Whatever the cost, the financial input is worth it, because having a strong online reputation is critical to business success.

Ultimately, it’s a short-term loss for a long-term gain. Today’s expenditure for reputation repair could be tomorrow’s massive increase in business. Reputation repair is a smart investment for anyone who’s concerned their business’ reputation may not be perfectly optimized. Whether you’re looking for personal or business reputation repair, consider our services to help you reconstruct your reputation from the ground up.