Is Your Online Publication Struggling?

Online publishers struggle with SEO more than any other type of web property. These sites are typically very large and usually suffer from technical issues, poor Google news indexing, lack of SEO fundamentals, out dated SEO knowledge, absence of staff training and overall know-how.

Some of these include:

  • Crawl Issues
  • Indexing issues
  • Duplicate Content
  • Paywall restrictions
  • Google News Issues
  • Lack of Sub-navigations
  • Lack of Editorial Training
  • Google Penalties  & Violations
  • Lack of Internal SEO resources

As a Google news expert I can address all of the issues above and others. Over the years I’ve discovered many unique issues that de-indexed sites completely from Google. Something as simple as editing a robots.txt file is enough to bring traffic to a stand still.

If you’re struggling to increase traffic, registrations or need training for editorial and development contact me for a free consultation.

Some of the publishers I’ve help….

  • Ziff Davis
  • Fox News
  • Euromoney
  • ALM Media
  • Robb Report
  • Vibe Magazine
  • Readers Digest
  • The Epoch times
  • Institutional Investor

Here is just one of many publisher SEO case studies

ext-2Organic traffic dropped for ( TAL’s law firm profiles section. This was a supplement to the existing site.

The reasons were due to changes to the site that impacted certain search signals, such as incorrect title tags and meta descriptions.

In December a sub-navigation was implemented to tie profiles to each other and duplicate profiles were removed. These changes increased organic traffic by over 600%!

Google New Issues

An online publisher had traffic slow down from Google news. There were many technical and legacy issues that were causing problems within Google News. I performed an audit and identified several issues. In July we started making changes to mobile and to sitemaps. Traffic from Google news went from 2,000 visits per month on average to nearly 70,000 visits from Google News in August.

Google News Improvements

Since the site had a separate mobile url – we added canonical tags and separated mobile and desktop in search console. In September the desktop version of the site had the highest amount of clicks from Google in more than a year. Traffic increased by more than 5x!

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