If you’ve been running your own PPC campaigns or you have someone else managing your Adwords, Bing or Yahoo accounts, it’s a good idea to get an PPC audit & analysis.

As an Adwords expert since 2004, I know how to effectively evaluate a campaign’s performance.

If you’ve notice that your cost per conversions is going up or the number of conversions is trending down – it’s a good idea to have a fresh pair of eyes review your account.

This free will report will provide you with expert insight into how effective your current account is performing.


Case Studies:

Cochran FirmI reduced their advertising cost by 62% and maintained the same number of leads while improving the lead quality.

Took their campaign from 20 calls a month to 100 and increased their conversion rate from 7% to 12% in just 1 month!

 I was able to drive in 90 leads in one month at a cost of $27 per lead (in an over crowded market in NYC) with a conversion rate of 44.12%!

I will request access. Once you approve access I will conduct your audit.


My Free PPC Audit Will Identify

  1. Dead keywords – Keywords that are spending money but aren’t converting
  2. Budget allocation – Determine if you are losing clicks due to budget constraints
  3. Ad Rank performance – Calculate how much more money you’re spending due to low quality scores.
  4. Account changes – We will graph out how many changes have been done to your account over a set period of time. This will give you an idea of just how much time is being spent on your account.
  5. Ad evaluation – We will report if you are using proven “call to actions” in your ads.
  6. Network performance – Report on how well your campaigns are performing across search, display and search partners.

This is just some of the items my free pay per click audit will include. You’ll gain a better sense of how your campaigns are performing. An audit covering all of the above usually costs $299. This free evaluation is for a limited time, get yours before it’s too late!

What I Need To Get Started:

  • Read-only access to your AdWords account and/or Bing account.
  • If you include your Adwords account number when contacting us it will speed up the process.

That’s it! Even if you don’t utilize my expertise, you still walk away with valuable insights on the performance of your campaigns.