Local SEO marketing is very competitive and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small business sites to rank. Your local strategy has to be comprehensive, it’s not enough to just create a Google My Business listing.


It’s important that you hire a local SEO expert who understands how Google ranks web sites. There is more to local rankings than just map listings. You want to also be optimized organically. This helps you gain more “real estate” within the first page of the search results.



Pay Per Click Advertising For Local Businesses

If you aren’t ranking in local maps or organically you can still drive customers to your business. Google customers can use Adwords; their pay per click platform.

This allows business owners to bid on keywords related to their business in a location where they want people to see their ads. As an example – you could target customers located in a 5-mile radius within NYC or you could target individual boroughs and zip codes.

You would pay every time someone clicked on an ad. You can set what time of day you want your ads to display as well as your daily budget. It’s also important to track conversions and calls. I can do all of that for you at extremely affordable price.