You may be a struggling lawyer or law firm needing more business or an established firm looking to grow. In either case, SEO for your law firm is a must. Let’s face it, referral business will only get you so far. In order to grow your practice, you need to invest in digital marketing.


If you work with a law firm SEO expert you can gain more leads through natural search. Leads from organic search are higher quality leads that convert into clients more frequently and cheaper than any other marketing channel.


My Lawyer SEO Service Includes:

  1. Local SEO – ranking practice areas for the firm’s location.
  2. Map Listings – improve local map pack listing
  3. Pay Per Click Advertising – improve performance by driving qualified leads at a lower cost.

I Measure And Base Success On:

  1. Growth in traffic from search
  2. Increase in keyword ranking
  3. Increased number of website inquiries
  4. Increase in the number of phone calls

You’ll receive monthly reporting that covers the above so you’ll always know how effective I am.



I ‘ve been in search marketing since 2004. I‘m the former head of SEO at ALM media. During my four years at ALM, I’ve worked on all of their web properties including Law.com, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal, Smart Litigator, and dozens more. If anyone knows the legal space, it’s me.

I’ve created strategies for many solo lawyers and firms which allowed them to grow their businesses. I’ve worked in many practice areas, including; ticket lawyers, accident attorneys, personal injury attorneys, and other similar practice areas.

So before you decide to hire an expensive and overpriced marketing firm or pay an employee a yearly salary, speak with me first. I can save you money and produce better results faster than any in-house manager.

If you are looking to work with the best search engine optimization expert contact me for a free consultation or request a free audit. If your firm is located in New York I can come in regularly for updates, reports, and consultations.

I am also highly proficient in Adwords, Bing, and other PPC platforms. I can help lower your cost per lead and help you get more out of your current budget. Read a recent case study on what I did for The Cochran Firm.


My Process

What I will do first is to conduct an audit. This audit will look at several platforms to determine the health of your website. This includes…

  • Reviewing search console
  • Reviewing Google analytics
  • A preliminary  assessment of your rankings
  • I’ll crawl your site to find any impending issues
  • How your firm stacks up against your competitors

Once I have reviewed the data above I can create a custom search engine strategy specific to your firm’s needs and goals. If you are a global or large firm that has technical issues or are planning on or just went through a redesign you may want to consider my in-depth SEO audit.

Typical SEO Issues 

I tend to see many of the same mistakes when it comes to SEO for lawyers. The three most common of those are:

  1. Lack of content – If you don’t have enough content Google won’t be able to determine what any given page is about. This will cause that page and any other page with “thin content” to not rank. It also won’t help visitors understand how you can help. Your page should have content and explain how it will solve a potential client’s problem.
  2. The wrong type of content – Remember people are coming to you to solve a problem. Your pages should discuss how you can do that. If you’re writing about the law you’re not going to bring in any new clients. They are looking for a lawyer on a particle field of practice, not about the law itself.
  3. Lack of domain authority – Just because you have a website, doesn’t entitle you to rank. If your competitors have done marketing for years and you haven’t,  expect a lot of work in order to catch up.
  4. Technical issues – I see all too often law firms with poorly re-designed websites that at riddled with issues that can hurt Google’s ability to crawl your site and rank pages properly. There are still many design firms that do not have an expert on staff. This causes many site owners to have to then hire an outside SEO professional to identify and correct the issues.

There are a lot of so-called lawyer SEO experts that claim they can rank a law firm’s website. However, not many have the experience I do. I’ve worked with many large and prestigious law firms on not just their SEO but on paid search as well. I never outsource my work and will ensure that your site follows Google’s strict guidelines.