How To Improve Your Adwords Quality Score

How To Improve Your Adwords Quality Score

Google Quality ScoreWe all want a high quality score in Adwords, but how does one go about improving their Adwords quality score?  Most of what I’ve been reading has been missing some of the more basic issues that can push down your quality score. You’ll find some tips and ideas that are easy enough to implement and can have an almost instant result.

I would suggest doing each one of these tips one at a time to see which one of these has a bigger impact on your quality score. Feel free to leave your tips in the comments below.

How To Improve Your Quality Score

I’m going to assume you’ve structured your campaigns and adgroups as tightly as possible – while sending users to the most relevant pages. All of these go towards your quality score. This is the foundation of your Adwords success and should be carefully thought out. In many cases a poorly laid out adgroup can’t be improved without being restructured, so keep that in mind.

Broad Terms

  • Using broad terms opens the flood gates to irrelevant traffic, which in turn drives up your CPA. Using Adword’s search query report weekly, will help you identify terms that aren’t relevant as well as helping you find additional terms that will help you convert for less.

Negative Terms

  • When running broad terms it’s very important to stay on top of your negative terms. Irrelivant traffic will drive up your CPA and lwer yout CTR. Stay on top of the negative terms and you’ll bring in more targted traffic.

Mobile DevicesMobile

  • If you are utilizing mobile campaigns then your site should be mobile friendly. Poor user experience in mobile will just waste your money. Opt out of mobile and focus on desktop and tablets only if the user experience is less than ideal for mobile users.

Content Network

  • It’s important to keep your content campaigns separate from your search campaigns. Reason is, Google’s content network will give you a high number of impressions and more than likely a lower CTR. You don’t want the content network to drag down your search campaigns quality score.

images (3)Get a Google Rep

  • Google reps are great.. they will help you out, not as much as a consultant or agency, but there are some benefits. New features, beta launches etc … can only be granted through a rep. Beta features such as an email sign up box in search results can be provided by your rep. Most agencies and consultants have their own rep as well, in case you don’t have one. Many small accounts aren’t provided with a dedicated rep.

Stop Checking Your Ad Positioning on Google

  • One thing you don’t want to do is go into Google several times a day and Google yourself to see where your ads are positioned. You’ll be driving up impressions on your ads which will drive down your CTR and hurt your quality score.


  • One way we increase CTR (Click Through Rate) on our ads is to add site links. Site links take up more ad space and provide users with additional links to click. If you are looking to bring your quality score up quickly this would be it.

Bid On Your Brand

  • Every PPC pro knows that brand terms convert the cheapest. However, I’m not just talking your own brand. If you sell a product that has strong brand, advertising on it will yield cheaper conversions and improve your quality score. Typically, branded terms have a high CTR and a lower CPA..

Calls to action!

  • Calls to action or CTA’s lack in many ads. CTR drives a big part of the quality score and having ads with a strong “call to action” will help do that. You need to tell users what to do. Click Now!, Call Now!, Buy Now!, should be in your ad. Don’t forget the exclamation point!

Hire a  consultant or agency

What do to if your quality score is very poor or has become poor over time?

The one thing you don’t want to do is create a new account. Believe it or not Google prefers an account with history and so should you. Revamping your campaign and landing pages is the best way to get your account back on track.

If you are still having trouble improving your quality score you can always contact me.