Google Shopping uses complex algorithms to determine which products for sale will be featured, and which will be relegated to invisibility on their platform. For this reason, eCommerce businesses are sure to benefit from the help of expert knowledge and skill in the area of Google Shopping management.

I can ensure that your products make it to the top of Google’s results. Put my years of knowledge to work for you to maximize your profits across the board.


Setting up Google Shopping Feeds

If needed, I can establish entirely new feeds for you, or simply fine-tune and perfect your existing feed. Our state-of-the-art data optimization strategies allow your sales to keep climbing, so that your business grows to the next level.

Tailored to the Right Customers

It’s also crucial to make sure that your items reach exactly those who are looking for them. This means search terms and product descriptions must be perfectly tailored to your customer base. Better than any Google shopping management software, my human expertise, backed by years of experience, means I’m able to ensure that your ideal customers find what they’re looking for: your products, perfectly suited to their requirements.

Optimization of Budget Allocation

I can help gather data that allows us to let you know where your budget would be most effectively employed–the most profitable SKU segments as well as campaigns.

This includes keeping an eye on market shifts (due to factors like season, or fast-changing trends), and adjusting budget allocation accordingly. Over time, this strategy means you spend less to earn more: a win-win.

Ad Re-marketing

Another crucial aspect of Google Shopping management: ad re-marketing. Dynamic re-marketing presents previous visitors to your online store with customized ads as they go to other websites. This ensures that, after a visit to your store, each customer won’t forget your unique products. Customers are reminded of their desire to buy the product when it might otherwise have slipped their minds. Unsurprisingly, the result is dramatically increased sales overall.

Case Study

Biocide Systems was running a shopping campaign which was converting at $137 (red line) prior to hiring me. In order for the company to profit – conversions needed to be under $100. I revamped the campaign by adding negative terms, branching out products and improved positioning. I then built out a keyword driven text campaign. I was able to grow conversion while lowering the CPA. At the time of this case study the cost per lead had dropped down to just $57!

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