While writing about the news may seem straight forward to many journalists it isn’t in the eyes of Google. There is more to Google’s news algorithm than many reporters realize. There are so many news organizations that report on the same story it’s simply not enough to just write about a story.


It is also important for editorial staff members to understand the difference between writing for organic traffic and for social media. Both serve a different purpose and how each is titled will impact performance on both. My training covers these important topics and more.


Longevity of news stories

News stories have a very short life span which can be anywhere from 1 – 3 days.  It’s very common for many news organizations to have many highs and lows in search traffic depending on how popular a certain story becomes. However, publications fail to grasp how they can leverage old stories to gain a steadier stream of visitors from search without the increasing need to create more content. Alternatively, creating more news stories with little content is a waste of time as Google tends to ignore this type of content.

My training includes a strategy on how to leverage old content and how to implement other “features” to drive traffic to the site without needing to rely solely on Google search for traffic.

Competing key terms

News organizations tend to write a lot about a certain topic or person(s). This can cause cannibalization within your site and old stories may outrank newer stories. It’s important to understand what cannibalization is and how to prevent it from happening so that the right stories rank as they break.

I’ve trained many publications over the years including;

  • Ziff Davis
  • Fox News
  • Euromoney
  • ALM Media
  • Robb Report
  • Men’s Journal
  • Vibe Magazine
  • Readers Digest
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • The Epoch Times
  • Institutional Investor

Each training is customized to your organization-specific needs, challenges, and goals. I will speak with department heads and writers to gain a sense of the challenges each face and create comprehensive training. The training can be broken up into different sections and done over time.

In my Google news training, I also include Q&A sessions after training and supply supporting documents, references, and tools if applicable. A follow-up training can also be arranged. Sessions can be recorded and viewed as need be by your staff. This is great to use when onboarding new writers and support staff. I offer both in-person and video conference training and ongoing support if needed.

Check out some of my Google news case studies and read testimonials from current and past clients as well.