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Below are just a sample of what I’ve done for clients over the years. If you have any questions or what to hire me, book some time with me here.
The Cochran Firm
The Cochran Firm hired me to work on their “Police brutality” campaign within Adwords. The quality of leads were fair and the number of leads they were receiving was decent.

The goal was to lower the amount they were spending while attempting to keep the same amount of leads coming into the firm. Some of what I did to improve performance was

  • The campaign had many broad terms and the search term report showed that not many negatives were implemented.
  • I cleared out the account, created new ads, added negative terms, increased bids on call extensions and continued to monitor the campaign and make adjustments.
  • As you can see the client went from spending over $7,000 to just under $3,000 for about the same number of calls and leads. That’s more than a 62% decrease in spend.
  • The leads were better and more qualified cases were delivered to the law firm.
Shiny Prints
I conducted an audit and created a solid strategy the included optimizations of the campaign, ads and landing pages. I also created a retargeting campaign to capture more sales at a lower cost.
  • This campaign was spending a lot of money with little results. The CPA was very high and the ROI was poor.
  • The client had a handful of conversions per month with a CPA as high as $250.
  • I restructured the campaign, changed the bid strategy, improved the ad groups, wrote new ads, and calls to actions.
  • In one month conversions shot up to 77 with a cost per conversion of $44.
  • The campaign went from a negative ROAS to a ROAS of over 500%. Which means; for every dollar they spent they were making more than five.
Modern Storage
The client wasn’t seeing many calls to their locations. They need to get calls ASAP or the business would be at risk of closing their doors. The account faced many challenges. One of them being that locations were very close to each other and one location was getting all of the calls and business.

After conducting an audit of each of the locations, I then worked on customizing keywords based on each location and the amenities each location had.

I had only a few weeks to produce results. I worked diligently to get these in order. As you can see in the graph below calls went from less than 20 calls a month to over 100.

Cost per conversion was around $40 on average with the exception of January where CPA skyrocketed to over $100. Conversion rates on average were around 7%. In less than a month I was able to cut the CPA down to $40 and increase the conversion rate to 12%. That’s the highest the campaign has ever had.

In just a few weeks I had given them the most calls they ever had, with a low CPA at the highest conversion rate. Huge success!

In just a few weeks I had given them the most calls they ever had, with a low CPA at the highest conversion rate. Huge success!

Just Yard Signs
The client had gone through many agencies and was not happy at all with the performance they had seen and wanted to go with an expert instead of an agency.

They were concerned about the bid strategy as well as the lack of ad groups that had been created. Many of the keywords were lumped together into one ad group and needed to be broken out.

The campaign was performing poorly and the cost per conversion was very high – much more than the average order value. I conducted an audit and determined that several factors were causing the high CPA.

Some of those were poor account structure, not enough negative terms, times of days, and days of the week that were converting too high and certain demographics converted better than others. I made adjustments to these areas and others. The result was an increase in conversions at a much lower cost.


I lowered the CPA by 110% while increasing conversions by 102%! 

Veteran Movers
Veterans Movers were faced with some fierce competition in a very crowded market in NYC. The biggest issue they faced was not knowing what it cost them to acquire a customer. they were spending money, but were not tracking leads and calls.
They were bidding on many generic and broad terms within their existing campaign. The account lacked negative keywords and their ads had no calls to action. The CPC was high due to bidding on very broad terms such as “move”.

researched their market, their competitors and leveraged their uniqueness. Employing veterans separated them from other moving companies and I used that in the ads.

I of course set up conversion and call tracking (on the site). I was careful with the key-terms and populated the account with negative terms in order to avoid irrelevant searches. I continued to add negative keywords as I came across them to help improve the overall CPA. I was able to drive in 90 leads at a cost of $27 per lead with a conversion rate of 44.12%!

Biocide Systems
Google Shopping Case StudyBiocide Systems was running a Google shopping campaign which was converting at $137 (red line) prior to hiring my PPC management service. In order for the company to be profitable – conversions needed to be under $100. I revamped the entire campaign by adding negative terms, branching out products, and improved positioning. I then built out a keyword-driven text campaign. I was able to grow conversion while lowering the CPA. At the time of this case study, the cost per lead had dropped down to just $57!
If you are having trouble getting your campaigns to perform well, contact me. I’ll conduct a free audit. What do you have to lose?