Franchise SEO Services

Franchise SEOHow can I help your franchise business? I’m the former head of SEO at yodle working in their YBN division. I have nearly 15  years in search engine optimization. I am also the author of “The Definitive Guide To Local Search.”

I have work with many companies and franchisees over the years by improving locations rankings while providing an optimal user experience that not only increased traffic but also revenue.

Here are just some of the franchisees I’ve helped;

… and other big name franchise companies. You don’t need to be a franchisee to take advantage of my expertise. I’ve helped many small franchisee businesses out rank big box competitors.

What causes many local franchise businesses to rank poorly when it comes to SEO? Some of the reasons are:

  1. Poorly optimized content and site elements
  2. Lack of reviews or too many poor reviews
  3. Inconsistent citations
  4. Not enough citations
  5. Lack of incoming links

Contact me for a free local SEO audit. My audit will highlight your site’s:

  1. Mobile friendliness – this is a big ranking factor since more searches are done on mobile devices.
  2. Citation accuracy and effectiveness.
  3. Organic rankings. Learn how well your site rank for certain keywords.
  4. How you stack up against your competitors.
  5. If your site is optimized correctly and if there are any issues.

…and more

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your local business goals.