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ecover1If you run a local business, your business thrives on the local community to find you. Local businesses have been using the Yellow pages for years and it’s been a good source of customers.

Unfortunately, while the older generation (50+) still turn to the Yellow pages, the younger crowd turns to the internet to find local services and goods.

Local search is more than just map listings, it’s also about paid search and SEO. In this e-book I cover all three in great detail. I give you all the tools you need to starting driving more traffic and sales to your local business. This free local SEO guide will teach you how to do local SEO.

Why You Should Download This E-book

joe-balestrinoMy name is Joe Balestrino and this isn’t your typical ebook. Unlike many informational products written on the net, this one is written by an actual expert. I’m the former owner of a NYC SEO company. I’ve worked with many large companies including Ziff Davis, Vibe Magazine, Diamonds International and Readers Digest (just to name a few). I am the former head of SEO at Yodle and I worked with many local franchisee business as their local search expert.

I’ve also worked with and trained dozens of New York based agencies on SEO, PPC, site usability, brand management and local search.

I still consult full time and have been in this field for over 14 years. I even offer local SEO services. You can easily learn about what I’ve done by simply Googling me. I’ve also create local strategies for the companies below…


I want you to know that I’m a real person, that this is my profession and I’m good at what I do. I stand behind this product and have made sure that a beginner can pick up the book and start putting it to use instantly!

What makes this the most sought after book on the net?

When I announced I was selling this e-book, the first people who wanted to buy it were people already in the search marketing industry. What’s that tell you? These were the same people who listened to my podcast and read my articles. Many of them went on to start their own companies with the information I gave away for free. The information has helped many business and it WILL help yours.

“Your shows really helped me. I am now working full time on my business and have two employees because of your podcasts! So again, thanks so much!” Jamie Hagon

I didn’t create this book for them. I created it for the small business owner. Buy my book and save yourself thousands of dollars that SEO and SEM firms would charge for what’s easily explained and laid out in detail within.

Check out what people are saying about this book!

“Some of the ideas were so good, (I mean drop my jaw good) I thought, why wasn’t I already doing that?!”

“It was hard to “get thru” because I kept wanting to stop reading and start working on my local search.”Chris Brown of Brandandmarket

“I optimized and followed what Joe wrote in the e-book and the third day I was in a positive and amazing ROI paying few cents per click which I found it AMAZING.”Sandra Lopez

“The Definitive Guide to Local Search by Joe Balestrino is an excellent step-by-step tutorial to getting your business in the top results for people searching for products and services in your local area.” Linda Stacy

Don’t Let This Be You!

Don’t just take my word for it. Look what these so called local search companies are charging to do what I’ll teach you for a fraction of the cost. Take a look at this ad off of Google’s paid search listing. I’ve had to hide the company’s url for legal reasons and to save them a huge embarrassment.


This is just one of many sites charging up to $499 just for listing your business on Google Places!

I guarantee these guys won’t know nearly as much as YOU will once you download this incredible e-book!

This step-by-step guide has everything you need to get your business ranking locally. I’ll explain each area of marketing in detail with simple instruction and screenshots to guide you through the process.

What will you learn?

Local Listings

yellow_markerHow to claim your listing

yellow_markerHow to correctly name your listing

yellow_markerAll about citation sites – what they are and how to get them

yellow_markerHow to avoid mistakes many owners make that hurt their ability to rank

yellow_markerA huge list of tips and tricks to help boost your rankings in Google’s Places

Local SEO

redHow to research keywords

redHow to set up meta tags

redHow to make sure your navigation is SEO friendly

redHow to properly name your navigation to maximize SEO

redHow to create relevant, effective backlinks

redHow to optimize your website for local search


map_marker_blueHow to use keyword tools

map_marker_blueHow to do keyword research

map_marker_blueHow to use misspelling and negative keywords effectively

map_marker_blueHow to target your ads locally

map_marker_blueHow to write PPC ads

map_marker_blueHow to do a/b testing

map_marker_blueHow to set up ad scheduling

map_marker_blueAll about ad extensions and how to use them

map_marker_blueHow to manage your account effectively

Ever notice how most e-books list several discounted prices that try to get you to believe you’re getting a deal? The Definitive Guide To Local Search has one price, and it’s worth every penny. Nowhere else can you find so much information packed into a well written instructional guide for local advertising of your business.

This book has everything you need to run a successful online local search marketing campaign, so don’t wait –

Start Dominating Local Search Today!