If you’re a contractor or contracting company and you’re struggling to get QUALITY leads for your business you should speak with an expert. There can be a number of reasons your SEO may not be generating leads to your business.


Contractors are in high demand especially in large cities and doing the “basics” isn’t enough. Outsourcing to an overseas company because they are cheaper in many cases can make matters worse. Contractor SEO is more than just keywords and rankings.

Getting visitors to the site is just one step of many. Providing them with the information they want and need along with several ways to contact you on every page will improve conversions. There are many factors that impact your site’s ability to rank organically that many agencies don’t discuss. Simply, because many of them do not know anything about SEO outside of keywords and links.

Potential customers want to be able to…

  • See which organizations you belong too
  • Have before and after photos of projects
  • Read what past clients say about your work
  • Easily find out if you are bonded and insured
Contractor SEO


Contractor SEO is more than just keywords, text, and links. If the traffic you are receiving falls under one or more of these items below it’s time to speak with a real expert.

Are You finding That…

  • The quality of the leads you are receiving poor?
  • Are you spending too much on your leads?
  • Are you unsure of how much it costs you to get a lead?
  • Are the number of leads that you’re getting sporadic?

Many contractor websites lack content. While many are visually appealing they lack enough content to help Google understand which services are offered. It’s also important for visitors as they will have specific questions they want to be answered when visiting your site. If you can answer the most common questions – you’re more likely to get them to reach out.

Why Work With Me?

  • I’m a business owner like you. I work long hours and weekends. If you text me on a Sunday’s I’ll respond. You won’t get that level of service with a large agency no matter how much you spend.
  • I won’t outsource your SEO work to another company or overseas.
  • I do all the work myself. When you call me inquiring about your project, I’ll be able to provide you information first hand.
  • My goal is not to just market your site but to use my 15+ years’ experience to drive highly qualified traffic that converts!
  • I work on weekends and after hours – just like you. Agencies don’t offer the same level of service.


Should You Just Focus On SEO?

No, you should also work on paid search and local map listings. The more “real estate” you can own in Google the better your chance is for driving consistent leads. I’ve worked with individual contractors and contracting companies on SEO, local SEO, and paid search.

If you’re ready to get started or have additional questions please click below and book some time with me.