5 Tips That Will Improve The CTR Of Your  Google Adwords Grant

5 Tips That Will Improve The CTR Of Your Google Adwords Grant

5 Tips That Will Improve The CTR Of Your Google Adwords Grant

Google Adwords Grant has made some new changes that have many grant holders worried about losing the accounts.

Google wants to improve the quality of traffic that is being deliver to websites by adding some new restrictions. This should help deliver a better user experience to searchers. This will also help organizations because the higher click through rate will result in better quality traffic. I should also mention that my Google grant management service has done this successful for other organizations.

Some of these changes include:

  1. Adwords account must maintain a 5% CTR
  2. No brand keywords – unless it’s your brand
  3. Avoid using single word keywords
  4. Geotargeting campaigns
  5. Keyword QS no less than 3
  6. Two sitelink extensions must be active

This article will just discuss how to improve the click through rate on your campaign since this is one of the biggest concerns for Adwords grant owners.

The tricky part here is to know how far back to go in your account to go to make these changes. It depends on the current performance of your campaign. If the previous month your campaign was less than 5% CTR – you need to start with that time frame. You should always try to aim higher than the 5% CTR – because some keywords will perform much better and others may fall short. Give yourself some wiggle room.

Also, this strategy is to just get the account under control for the meantime. This is not a long term strategy. If you can get the CTR well over 5% you can then test new keywords, run new ads, landing pages etc.

Here is a list of what I’ve done to be improve the CTR on accounts:

  1. Go through all the ad groups you have active in your account. In each one you need to go through the “search term” report and excluded keywords / phrases that don’t at least have a 10% CTR. Unless there is more than 1 conversion. If there are keywords with more than 1 conversion add them to the adgroup – providing the CTR is 5% or more.
  2. Go in to the adgroup itself and pause any terms that don’t meet the required click through rate. You’ve already added all the terms that have converted and had a high CTR from the search term report.
  3. Look at ads that have a low CTR and pause them.
  4. Look at devices. Are some devices performing better than others? Bid up on the devices that have a higher CTR and lower on those that don’t.
  5. You can also look at demographics and see if a specific gender and/or age group is producing lower CTR. I wouldn’t do this only if you have a lot of data to make a solid determination. I would recommend going back at least a full year before trying this tip.

There some other items you can look at but so far the formula above seems to work best for improving the click through rates on Adwords grant accounts.

If you are still having trouble with your google grant account feel free to contact me .