Why Understanding Trends Is Important For SEO And Paid Search

Why Understanding Trends Is Important For SEO And Paid Search

When SEO and PPC campaigns tank it’s not always because of positioning – which is usually the first thing that comes to mind. If ¬†you see a slow steady decline in conversions even though you’re still number one for your terms it could be a sign of trending. However, a sudden drop in conversions could be a sign of another issue as trends happen over a longer period of time.

Is trending really something a search manager should watch out for? Absolutely! Take a look at the example below.

This is over the course of 12 months (lets ignore the drop in data from Dec-Jan which seems to be a loss in data). Notice how digital is dominating online over the course of the year.

If I go back even further to 2011 Google tells me”digital marketing manager wasn’t searched for often enough to appear on the chart“. In 2011 there were no or very little searches for Digital Marketing Manager, but in 2012 it crept in and is searched more than it’s counterpart.

This is why keyword tools are important. They start to show you early on where a trend might be forming. Staying on top of your research will help you stay ahead of the curve.

What do you think? Are you trying to identify trends? If so, how do you identify them?