Three Common Mistakes That Could Kill Your Paid Search Success

Three Common Mistakes That Could Kill Your Paid Search Success

2. Not working on improving your quality score?

We all know how important quality score is, but do we really? Some clients think poor quality score means that they just pay a little more when that isn’t the case. If your quality score is good (7 and above) you tend to get a discount on what you pay for an ad. When your quality score is lower than 7 you tend to pay much more. Google will increase your CPC by as much as 600%! I’d say that’s more than paying a little extra.

Some experts believe that the amount of time you spend in the account is a factor.  For example; if your account is set with automation and very little manual changes that could also hurt your quality score. Whether or not that’s true doesn’t really matter. You should be in your account at the very least once a week. Daily, if you have a huge account just to make sure you catch any potential problems sooner.

3. Not separating your campaigns by network

Separation – Keep your content, search and mobile campaigns separate. Yes, I know this creates more work for you but in the end it’s worth it.  Content network tends to drive up impressions and produce a lower CTR which would hurt your mobile or search campaign which in turn will hurt your quality score.

 These are some easy things to look out for. What have you learned from your PPC experience and what were the results?