How To Get a Google Penguin Penalty Lifted in 6 Days


Before I explain how to get this penalty lifted – I can’t emphasize enough the importance of diversifying your traffic sources.

You never want your business to be made or broken by one traffic source. You should strive to have a steady stream of traffic from other sources such as PPC (from a number of platforms) site referrals, other media buying, social and so forth.

Losing one channel won’t hurt your bottom line and will give you the time needed to find a replacement source.

Now back to…

Google penalties – they can cripple any online business. If more than 70% of your traffic comes from Google, your business couldn’t survive for very long without traffic from the world’s top search engine.

If you’ve received a notification in WMT regarding unnatural links to your site you’ve been slapped with a Google penalty, but all is not lost.

What if I told you that you could easily clear up that penguin penalty? It’s not as difficult as you think. Sure, you have to do some upfront leg work. You’ll have to go through your link profile and identify the “bad” links.You may even start to reach out to sites that have your link(s) on them. This however, can be an extremely daunting task.

Or, you can disavow them. You should always try and have the links removed, but when you have thousands of links – that could take months. Heck, maybe even years. So disavowing them is the easy and quickest way to go.

  • The first part is upload a disavow file with all the links you want to disassociate your site from.

Your disavow file needs to be formatted correctly. You can’t just upload a list of urls. The trick is to follow Google’s request format when uploading the file. If you need that format contact me.

The key piece after you’ve had your links removed off of these sites and disavowed the links is… your letter of apology to Google Yes, you read that correctly. Apology.

  • Google wants you to explain what was done, by who and that you understand that the actions taken (by you) was against Google’s guidelines.

You of course will apologize profusely and state that this will never happen again and that you now understand that the methods used by you (intentional or not) was not a strategy that should have been used. You’ve seen the error of your ways and will be going white hat this day forward.

This may seem excessive but trust me; Google wants you to grovel.

It works! I’ve had penalties lifted in as few as 6 days using this method.

If you sold links and haven’t been caught – I recommend adding no follow to those links ASAP. Also, make sure it’s easy for people to contact you for link removal. You want to remove links or no-follow versus having your site disavowed. It will hurt your trust with Google. As with life, trust is hard to build and easy to lose. You don’t want to lose trust with Google.

Even if none of this applies to you at this moment… can you say that your link profile is free of spam and all your links are natural?  It would be worth taking a look at you link profile and weed out any possible bad links. It’s always better to be proactive then reactive.

Let me know if these tips were able to get your penalty lifted. You can thank me with a LinkedIn recommendation. 😉

One last thing to remember. Unless you know a link is 100% legit or relevant – have it removed/disavowed. Otherwise you’ll go through several waves of inclusion requests which will prolong the process by weeks and possibly even months.

Still can’t get your penalty lifted? Contact me

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Joe Balestrino July 10, 2014 0 Comments