Is It Time To Change Your PPC Management Company?

Is It Time To Change Your PPC Management Company?


Managing a campaign is not just monitoring but performing.  Clients who feel that the management they are paying for isn’t worth the money or the results they are receiving.


Most clients don’t mind paying more for great performance, but some clients feel that if their campaign can’t be improved upon then the next course of action is to cut management costs.

With rates from 3 – 6%+ this seems like a no-brainer to clients. Though cheaper isn’t always better and I’ve had to revamp countless accounts created by inexperienced agencies which then becomes an unexpected added costs. So, be careful when choosing a firm or consultant. Tip: If an agency can give you a proposal without seeing your site or your adwords account, run!

Lack of communication

I have clients emailing me on Labor Day and I reply. Even if my reply is “I’m not in the office today but I’ll be happy to look into it on Tuesday.” The fact is, I’m reachable. My responding in a timely manner makes my services that more valuable. You won’t get that level of response from many agencies even if you’re paying top dollar.

Your campaign should never be just “managed”, it should evolve!

Poor reporting

I’m surprised at how many clients deal with poor reporting. An exported excel sheet isn’t what the client wants. Part of the fee you pay is to provide the client with adequate reporting. You should be giving a high level summary of what has gone on with your campaign including top performers, pain points etc…There should also be charts showing trending so that anyone can clearly see how things are looking.

Also, there should be a course of action for the following month, what’s being worked on and why. Your campaign should never be just “managed”, it should evolve!


I’m amazed by consultants and agencies that take on work knowing the clients site isn’t a good candidate for paid search. In other cases landing pages are poor or proper tracking isn’t installed. I make strong suggestions to clients that if they want their campaign to have the best success that they follow my recommendations as best they can. I turn away clients (who found other companies) if I feel that I can’t produce real results. If I can’t provide a client with how I’m improving their ROI, what’s the point?

Does your paid search manager do these things? If not, It may be time to look at other options.

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  • Posted September 25, 2013

    Gina DiMarco

    This is a great article! I share many of the same philosophy’s

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