Are customers accessing your digital products for free?

Are customers accessing your digital products for free?

Digital DownloadsBeing in digital marketing for over 11 years and an affiliate marketer, it’s hard not to pick a part a site and evaluate it.

I’ve been noticing that many sites (especially digital products typically sold through Clickbank and jvzoo) have their confirmation or “thank you” pages easily accessible through search. I randomly picked a site from Clickbank and searched Google using

I’ve blocked out the site’s name and urls to protect the site. I’ve reached out to the owner to make him aware of this issue.

FireShot Screen Capture #1078 - 'site_http___makechocolateforprofit_com_ - Google Search' - www_google_com_search_q=site_http___makechocolateforprofit_com_&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org_mozilla_en-US_official

Even if a visitor doesn’t use advanced operators as I did. These pages can still be found in search. Which means users could still stumble upon your “thank you” pages and access your products for free!

How can you secure your site so users can’t access these pages?

  • First, you need to add analytics to your “thank you”and other conversion pages. Keep a look out for direct external referral traffic to these pages – there should be none. Schedule a report weekly just to measure this metric. This will not only makes it easy for you to identify issues, but the emails are a reminder for you to check that there is no one accessing these pages.
  • Then, add a “no,index” and “no follow” meta tag to all of the pages you don’t want found in the search engines.
  • Next, Verify that these pages aren’t found in your sitemaps as user can  find your pages through those as well.
  • Finally, do not add these pages to your robots.txt file. It’s easy for anyone to see which pages you are trying to restrict and go to them directly.

This may seem a bit extreme but it’s necessary to ensure that visitors either; submit the required information to access a download or, enter payment information to access a digital product. This is one of those little things site owners and designers easily overlook.

Did you find any of your pages in search after reading this article?