Do you run a car dealership and need more SEO traffic and leads? It can be hard for dealerships to generate SEO traffic mostly due to content and site navigation. As someone who’s worked with many car dealers I understand the challenges and the pitfalls when it comes to these types of websites.

While dealership marketing goes beyond SEO, in order understand your unique situation I would recommend that you schedule a free 30-minute call with me.


  • Your business overall, challenges and goals
  • Past and current marketing efforts
  • Your short and long term marketing goals
  • As about who your competitors are and what you think they are doing that you should be doing more of.


After an intial call I’ll create a high-level marketing plan that will focus on achieving you long and short term goals. In many cases the marketing plan may have multiple components such as:

  • SEO – keyword research, on page and off page optimization. Site architecture and usability.
  • Google Ads – Are you running ads? Are they performing well? Which keywords drive in the most leads? We can use that data to build a stronger SEO strategy.
  • Local map listings. What are your current rankings? Do we need to improve them?

In many cases dealerships aren’t tracking their conversions and calls. This makes it hard to understand the ROI behind marketing efforts. I will fix those issues and create a clearer picture for you in a way that’s easy to understand.

I’m not here to sell you long winded proposals that make no sense or create a long-itemized proposals in order to inflate cost.  I explain everything to you in a way that’s easy to understand with no fluff or BS. I’ve bene doing this for over 16 years and I know customers want to work with someone that’s going to be up front and to the point.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I already know the typical challenges and issues that arise on both the SEO and Google Ads side of things. You’ll work with someone who already has extensive experience in this industry.

Agencies tend to work on volume. They need many clients in order to make money. Which means you’re a number more than you are a client. Important clients to agencies are ones that spend tens of thousands of dollars per month. If that’s not you the level of service you’ll receive will be minimal at best.

When you work with me every client is important no matter how large or small. I only take on as many clients as I can handle and I am the only person that manages your account.

What To Expect When Working With Me?

I’m a workaholic. I work 7 days a week. If you text me on a Sunday, I’ll most likely respond within a few minutes. If you like accessibility to your marketing person then work with me. I don’t have set hours or days because I know my clients don’t either. You won’t find that level of accessibility with an agency.

If you’re ready to get started or have additional questions please click here and schedule some time with me.