10 Tips That Will Help You Evaluate Your Site’s Overall Performance

Websites are constantly evolving. If they didn’t, sites would look exactly like as they did in 1990.  New technologies and designs emerge regularly and as the internet changes so should your site. Users are accustom to these changes and these start to become “industry standards” or “best practices”.

The more in-line with how the majority of sites are designed and function – the more receptive your site will be in the eyes of the visitor. Outside of performance – design and functionality of a site is crucial to a websites success. Once of course you’ve brought visitors there with your optimized content, social and/or media buys.


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Joe Balestrino June 30, 2013 0 Comments

Ten Types Of Blogs Every Online Marketer Should Be Reading

Internet-MarketingWhat makes today’s marketing so exciting is how quickly it evolves. What’s been evident to me as far back as 2008 was how online marketing channels were starting to integrate with each other. It’s not enough today to just be an SEO person or just a paid search expert. I mean you can be, but your knowledge needs to encompass more of an overall approach by gathering  knowledge from other marketing channels. Understanding how each component interacts or helps the other is key to being a successful marketer.

If you’re an SEO – you not only need to know how to optimize pages to rank, but having knowledge of landing page best practices is important,  not only for the success of the organic conversion, but also for the paid search campaigns.

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Joe Balestrino June 27, 2013 0 Comments

Why Your Content Strategy Is Killing Your Brand

no-killing_designIf you read as much as I do, you know that you come across at least a few pieces of content that are just a waste of your time. How many times have your read ” The top ten things of this” or the “5 things you need to know about that” and it’s all stuff you already know.

So why does your content stink? Is it because you don’t know what to write about? Are you paying someone in another country to write content just for the sake of writing content? Or is your agency telling you what other types of content have made it big on social media and encourage you to write something similar? (more…)

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Joe Balestrino June 25, 2013 0 Comments