Is It Time To Change Your PPC Management Company?

ppc-management-PPC management is more than just looking at numbers; it’s also about the strategy. All too many times agencies work hard to get the clients and once they do, put the campaigns and clients on autopilot.

I’ve worked with enough clients to know why they left their old PPC management company to work with me. I created a list of 5 things you should look out for when working with a paid search company. You may not be sure just how much your paid search company should do for you. After reading this article you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. (more…)

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How To Improve Your Adwords Quality Score

Google Quality ScoreWe all want a high quality score in Adwords, but how does one go about improving their Adwords quality score?  Most of what I’ve been reading has been missing some of the more basic issues that can push down your quality score. You’ll find some tips and ideas that are easy enough to implement and can have an almost instant result.

I would suggest doing each one of these tips one at a time to see which one of these has a bigger impact on your quality score. Feel free to leave your tips in the comments below.

How To Improve Your Quality Score

I’m going to assume you’ve structured your campaigns and adgroups as tightly as possible – while sending users to the most relevant pages. All of these go towards your quality score. This is the foundation of your Adwords success and should be carefully thought out. In many cases a poorly laid out adgroup can’t be improved without being restructured, so keep that in mind.

Broad Terms

  • Using broad terms opens the flood gates to irrelevant traffic, which in turn drives up your CPA. Using Adword’s search query report weekly, will help you identify terms that aren’t relevant as well as helping you find additional terms that will help you convert for less.

Negative Terms

  • When running broad terms it’s very important to stay on top of your negative terms. Irrelivant traffic will drive up your CPA and lwer yout CTR. Stay on top of the negative terms and you’ll bring in more targted traffic.

Mobile DevicesMobile

  • If you are utilizing mobile campaigns then your site should be mobile friendly. Poor user experience in mobile will just waste your money. Opt out of mobile and focus on desktop and tablets only if the user experience is less than ideal for mobile users.

Content Network

  • It’s important to keep your content campaigns separate from your search campaigns. Reason is, Google’s content network will give you a high number of impressions and more than likely a lower CTR. You don’t want the content network to drag down your search campaigns quality score.

images (3)Get a Google Rep

  • Google reps are great.. they will help you out, not as much as a consultant or agency, but there are some benefits. New features, beta launches etc … can only be granted through a rep. Beta features such as an email sign up box in search results can be provided by your rep. Most agencies and consultants have their own rep as well, in case you don’t have one. Many small accounts aren’t provided with a dedicated rep.

Stop Checking Your Ad Positioning on Google

  • One thing you don’t want to do is go into Google several times a day and Google yourself to see where your ads are positioned. You’ll be driving up impressions on your ads which will drive down your CTR and hurt your quality score.


  • One way we increase CTR (Click Through Rate) on our ads is to add site links. Site links take up more ad space and provide users with additional links to click. If you are looking to bring your quality score up quickly this would be it.

Bid On Your Brand

  • Every PPC pro knows that brand terms convert the cheapest. However, I’m not just talking your own brand. If you sell a product that has strong brand, advertising on it will yield cheaper conversions and improve your quality score. Typically, branded terms have a high CTR and a lower CPA..

Calls to action!

  • Calls to action or CTA’s lack in many ads. CTR drives a big part of the quality score and having ads with a strong “call to action” will help do that. You need to tell users what to do. Click Now!, Call Now!, Buy Now!, should be in your ad. Don’t forget the exclamation point!

Hire a  consultant or agency

What do to if your quality score is very poor or has become poor over time?

The one thing you don’t want to do is create a new account. Believe it or not Google prefers an account with history and so should you. Revamping your campaign and landing pages is the best way to get your account back on track.

If you are still having trouble improving your quality score you can always contact me.


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How And Why You Should Evaluate Your Online Marketing

EvaluateWhen’s the last time you evaluated your online marketing campaigns?When’s the last time you evaluated your online marketing campaigns? Online marketing initiatives are launched all the time, but are rarely evaluated for effectiveness.

Yes, we all know when we see a poor or great campaign, but how often do we take that data and learn from it? In many cases it’s having a fresh pair of eyes looking at your online efforts can help.
I’ve out lined some of the things you need to take a look at and analyze. It can sometimes be small improvements that really improve your bottom-line, but you need to know what to look at. (more…)

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7 Ways To Improve And Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Success

LinkedIn-LogoLinkedIn is the social network giant of the business world. More people turn to it to find clients, jobs and employees than any other network. However, being found on it can be a struggle for many users who are looking to use LinkedIn for something more than a digital Rolodex.

When it comes to job seekers  some of the best jobs are never posted because recruiters are busy searching for the ideal candidate. Having an optimized profile is crucial in being found.

LinkedIn is a search engine with its own search algorithm, leveraging it is as simple as following these 7 tips. (more…)

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Calls To Action – How Many Is Too Many?

Calls To actionYears ago conversions were very simplistic in terms of identifying what they were. You either wanted a users email or to make a purchase and that was it. Today we want emails opened, products bought, content shared, videos watched, audio listened to, white papers download and the list goes on and on.

However, with so many calls to action a visitor may have so many options to choose from that they may not take an action that is most important to you. How do you ensure a visitor does what YOU need them to do? Easy, limit the number of calls to actions. (more…)

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3 Quick Wins To Improve Your Adwords Campaigns

WinningMarketing isn’t a set and forget it type of thing. Creating a strategy and executing it is the easy part. Monitoring and improving it is where the heavy lifting comes in. However, if you are working on several different initiatives it can be difficult to know where to make improvements.

If part of your job is to manage adwords and you’re not a pro these tips can help you improve your adwords ROI. When it comes to managing campaigns it isn’t always about trimming the fat. It’s about finding new opportunities. Other times it’s about improving performance. I cover some of each in this post. (more…)

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Why Your Local Business Web Site is Driving Customers Away

local searchLocal search has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Even after releasing my book “The Definitive Guide To Local Search“, local search continues to evolve and thrive. It’s just not enough to just show up where customers are searching – you need to convert.

A great looking site is just a part of a bigger overall picture. Many times a site’s structure is driven by the business owner, which may not always be the best idea. Small business owners tend to show consumers what they, the owner feels is important.

However, what is important to them may not be what’s important to the consumer. If you are a local contractor I’m not going to care what your office building looks like or who your famous clients are. (more…)

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Why Paid Search Doesn’t Work For You

no-salePaid search can be a tough beast to tame. Especially, when you are first starting out – as you will spend money just to discover not only what works for you, but also what doesn’t. It can be a stressful and expensive process. What do you do if you have a product or service that no matter what you do, you can’t make a profit on paid search?

Have you gone through all the usual suspects?

  • Added negative terms
  • Day parting
  • Segmentation
  • Testing calls to action
  • Ad testing
  • Landing page testing
  • Tested different search platforms

After all of this you still can’t sell? You know people would love your product/service but no matter what you do you can’t make a sale or a sale that keeps you in the black?

Sure you could do re-marketing but if the user is in the same mind set or situation, like work. They still may not have the time. Or, they may be on another device and therefore won’t see re-marketing ads.

Is your product or service just not one that people will buy at first glance? Some purchases require due diligence and a visitor may not be able to make a decision at that particular moment.

Or,  maybe your landing page has a lengthy video that is 2 minutes or more in length? Users may not have the time to sit through it to understand what you can do for them. This will cause them to abandon your site and maybe search for you when they do have time. However, it may be through paid search again at another computer and that will cost you. Or worse yet, they go to your competitor.

It may be time to change your business model. Instead of trying to close a sale on the first visit, you should start capturing the visitors information.

A short form asking for just an email and name should be easy enough to get from a visitor if they are interested in your product/service. Visitors are use to giving up and email address to access information. Send that PDF or lengthy video to their email. Building trust with the visitor isn’t a bad things. Plus, it gives you a way to reach out to them and test different price points. Maybe, your costs was to high? Heck, maybe it’s too low – at least with email you have a list and you may be able to get them at a fraction of  the cost. Once you have an email you can trying anything you want, except spam of course.

You can still keep the “buy now” call to action for those ready to buy. No need to lose the “easy” sale.

You have to study all the ways a user  interact with your product and the times of days that they do. If you make most of your sales after business hours but most of your traffic comes in during the day emailing users after hours to complete the sale would be the way to go.

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Why Understanding Trends Is Important For SEO And Paid Search

seo_trends_2013I look at a lot of SEO and PPC campaigns. They could be campaigns set up by a client or an agency. In either case all of them have the same hurtles to over come. That includes being able to sustain or grow the success of the campaign. Its just the nature of marketing nothing stays the same for long.

When I ask the mangers of these campaigns if they noticed any trends the answer is almost always no. I know this is probably something a bit more advanced, but it still should be something all online marketers should be aware of.

Campaigns over time tend to decline and this could be for a number of reasons. Competition causes costs to rise, landing  pages become dated or, maybe the offer is no longer a good one. What ever the case may be you need to identify why your SEO and PPC campaigns are under-performing. You need to be able to identify if the problem is keyword driven or is a part of a bigger issue. It could even be a combination of a few things.  (more…)

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How To Be A Great Manager That Employees Will Look Up To

Great ManagerWe are all managers and we are all (in most cases) being managed by someone. It could be directly or indirectly. I personally have been a manager for decades – I’ve also been a consultant and a CEO of a small SEO firm, So I know a little about management.

Since re-joining the corporate world after running my own business for 5 years I’ve seen a lot of great and not so great managers. You can tell when you come across a great manager because their employees are happy, respect their manager and are very productive.


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