SEO Audit

SEO Audit and Analysis

free_seo_reportIf your struggling with your search engine optimization it’s time to get an SEO audit and analysis.

If you aren’t currently monitoring your SEO visibility and rankings this report will give you insight into where your site needs improvement.

My free SEO audits look at a number of important metrics and then I score them based on the results.

Your SEO analysis will include:

  1. On page optimization – I check to ensure you have the fundamentals set up correctly.
  2. Mobile usability – Google announced that mobile friendliness is a ranking factor. I check to see if your site meets the minimum requirements.
  3. Rankings – Does your site rank for your “essential” key terms? I’ll verify if they are in the top 100.
  4. Off page optimization – I’ll check your backlinks and give you an overall score based on what I find.
  5. Domain strength – How does the strength of your domain stack up to your competitors
  6. Security – I’ll test your site to ensure that your site is secure and its vulnerability to be hacked.

This is not a full technical analysis. Those types of audits take hours to create and requires access to your backend, search console, analytics and are more involved.

If you would like a full technical review from an expert at SEO contact me.