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Looking For Adwords Management Services?

It’s common for many website owners to attempt using Adwords on their own. However, in the majority of the time these accounts overspend and under perform. If this is the case for you it may be time for you to consider using adwords management services from an expert.

  • Is your account over spending?
  • Is the cost per lead increasing or too high?
  • Are you spending too much on management fees?
  • Are you unhappy with your current management company?

If any of these questions pertain to you, contact me!

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Companies I’ve Helped….

Recent Adwords Case Study

Biocide Systems was running a Google shopping campaign which was converting at $137 (red line). In order for the company to profit – conversions needed to be under $100. I revamped the shopping campaign by adding negative terms, branching out products and improved positioning. I then built out a keyword driven text campaign. I was able to grow conversion while lowering the CPA. At the time of this case study the cost per lead had dropped down to just $57!

Working with an Google Adwords Manager

Hiring a large Adwords management company doesn’t guarantee superior management.

It’s not uncommon for large PPC companies and even Google Adwords specialist to devote most of their time to their largest clients. I know this because I’ve worked for those same agencies. Smaller clients tend to fall by the wayside. You need a specialist that will devote the time required to manage your account effectively and continue to improve it.

Since 2004 – I’ve improved and grown hundreds of PPC accounts and I can take your account to the next level.

What Makes My  Adwords Management Services Superior?

pay per click Management DashboardIn my nearly 15 years as a pay per click management expert. I’ve perfected a formula that I’ve used for every client that has yielded amazing results. I never use software. Your account is managed by a true specilaist.  Below are some of the items I will look at when evaluating your Adwords / PPC campaign.

  • Keyword research – finding the right keywords is important. If you already have an Adwords or Bing account, the data within will give me a great starting point. If I’m starting from scratch, I will build a relevant keyword list that will the beginning of a solid foundation for your campaign.
  • Campaign set up – I’ll take a look at your campaign structure to ensure your ad groups are set up in a way that produces high quality scores. If the current set-up is less than ideal, I will revamp the ad groups so that quality scores, ads and landing pages are all highly relevant.
  • Ad creation – ads should get searchers to click with relevancy and calls to action. (The Same Way My Ad Brought You Here)
  • Testing to perfection – I’ll continuously test landing pages to keywords, keywords to landing pages and the performance between them all to ensure that best possible performance.
  • Retargeting – It’s proven that retargeting is an effective tool at improving sales. I integrate re-marketing in all of my PPC campaigns
  • Content networks – It’s important to take a small percentage of your budget to target content networks. In many cases content network when done correctly can produce conversions at lower costs.
  • Extensions – Extensions are effective at getting your ads to stand out. We test and implement these whenever we can to improve conversions.
  • Landing Pages – Relevancy from keywords to landing pages is important. What’s more important is that landing pages get users to take an action. I’ll help ensure your landing pages give users what they need in order to take that action.
  • Call tracking – You can’t effectively manage a paid search account without being able to track every possible way customers can reach you. We integrate call tracking both in ads and on landing pages for maximum benefit.
  • Adwords & Bing Management – The success of your online Pay Per Click campaign is based on all of the above, but without proper management- it won’t matter. I’ll manage your campaign daily to ensure peak performance.
  • Reporting – You’ll never have to wonder how your campaigns are performing. You’ll receive weekly and monthly reports in your email. Plus, you’ll have a dashboard that will make it easy to interpret the information within. I also offer monthly calls.

 What Makes My Google Adwords Consultant So Affordable?

    • I am a certified Google Adwords manager and I can take your paid search to the next level.
    • Myadwords management services  are much more competitive than any paid search management company out there. It’s your advertising dollar. Shouldn’t your management firm be as invested in your success as you are?
    • I have been doing paid search marketing for close to 15 years. Which is three times as long as the average paid search company.
    • I work out of Brooklyn, New York where I live, and where you won’t be paying overhead so that I can entertain other clients with comfy leather couches and an espresso machine. When you pick up the phone, I will answer it. Your account will never be left to a novice or to automation, and the primary focus of my business is Adwords setup and management services.
    • I offer a free paid search evaluation. If, as a result of that evaluation, I feel I can improve your sales or lead production, I’ll shoot you a proposal. I manage for a variety of clients across the US, from mid sized businesses to enterprise level corporations. At present, I have the bandwidth to handle more clients. When I am at capacity, this page will no longer exist.
    • My existing Adwords client base, which includes the largest duty free jeweler in the world, has an average length of time doing business with me of over 6 years. Why? Because I’m affordable, responsible and results oriented.