Google Grant Management

 Google Grant Management for NonProfits

Getting a grant account from Google isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you’re already a nonprofit you have most of what you need to get an account. What many nonprofits don’t understand about the program is that in order to keep the grant account the Adwords campaigns need to be properly managed.

While you can use the grant account to drive traffic and awareness. Proper management can help drive donations and registrations.

When your campaign is running efficiently and is able to spend the full amount granted, along with the required 5% CTR – you can then apply for even more grant money. This is why it’s important to work with a qualified professional that specializes in Google grant management is important to help grow your non-profit.

Here are just some of the non-profits I’ve worked for.


Work with a Google grant management expert

Since 2004 I’ve helped many businesses, not just non profits. I have more experience as an individual than most agencies. I’ll show you how to improve your site for conversions to help maximize the funds given to you. If you don’t comply with Google’s new requirements – you can lose your grant.

What are these new requirements?

  • Your account must maintain a 5% click through rate.
  • You must use at least 2 site links
  • Can’t use overly generic keywords
  • You can not use single keywords

Why the changes? Over the years many organizations bid on a lot of irrelevant terms to drive traffic in order to max out the the grant money given to them via Adwords. This causes much of the traffic to be irrelevant and deliver a   poor user experience. These new guidelines will help ensure that relancy still matters even in grant accounts.

Why non-profits should apply for a Google grant?

Google grants are important because they can help you…

  • Drive awareness to your nonprofit
  • Drive relevant visitors to your site
  • Increase sales and donations to you nonprofit

What does it cost to manage an Adwords grants account for NonProfits?

I offer reduced pricing on my paid search management to help nonprofits. Pricing is custom based to your nonprofit needs and the expected level of work required on my end. Non profits receive…

  • Fast response. You want have to wait days for a response. During business hours my response time is less than an hour.
  • Free paid search audit – I’ll take a look at your existing grant account and conduct an audit. Based on my findings I’ll create an comprehensive strategy.
  • No set up fees – Have a new Adwords grant account? I’ll set it up at no additional charge, just a low monthly management fee.
  • Monthly management – I offer reduced management fees for nonprofits. I know every dollar is important to your organization.

Your account will be managed by me only. I never outsource work and I will be your point of contact.

How to apply for an Adwords Google Grant?

I can help with pointing you in the direction of where to apply and what is needed to acquire an Adwords account for non profits. The process isn’t very long and once you’re approved it’s crucial to the success of your account that you work with an expert in Google grant management for nonprofits.

You can learn more about eligibility here. Google offers these grants to over 200,000 nonprofits world wide.

In order to qualify for an Adwords Grant you must met the following criteria based on your country. In the United States your organization must….

  • Be a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization
  • Be registered with Techsoup
    If your organization is automatically tax exempt such as a church. You are still required to have 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS to qualify for the Google for Nonprofits program.